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Gas Powerplant PipeLine 6 Inch from Block-51 to Block-10

PetroMasila Petroleum Exploration & Production Company, Block-10, Yemen

Al-Masila has a good history assisting clients with the development of pipeline projects, particularly those used to transport crude oil, other liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas.

Al-Masila is the leading company which provides construction and maintenance services for new or existing pipelines / flow lines in all oil & gas field blocks in Yemen.

Our project teams are multidisciplinary and are intimately familiar with the many issues and disciplines involved in a pipeline project, including the following: project development; survey and engineering of routings of pipelines, relevant health, safety and environmental commitments. In last more than 10 years; we’ve build many new pipelines in PetroMasila Block-14, Nexen Block-51, TOTAL E&P Block-10 and maintaining existing pipelines network from wellheads to processing facilities.