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Waste Management

In the oilfield locations neat and clean environment is a major aspect. We have a group of professionals to perform this scope of service and we are having a contract for waste management with oil companies. We have around 66 employees working over there. We have trained and qualified personals like waste controllers, Assistant waste controllers, waste collectors. They are trained to handle hazardous materials also. Apart from the present ongoing contracts with many different clients, we had invited to submit a tender for YNLG the biggest Oil& Gas project in Yemen. The waste controllers assists the waste coordinator in the development of waste management plan, they are responsible for:
- Verifying properly the content of the consignment note and the loads before offloading.
- Taking all safety measurements before offloading and disposal.
- Checking all waste was well segregated before allowing it to be disposed.
- Ensuring that all Storage Pits and Treatment Areas are kept in a good condition.
- Ensuring that safety distance is maintained during activities.
- Ensuring that all personnel are wearing Standard PPE.
- To anticipate the filling-up of pits / storage areas by regular emptying.
- To fill on daily basis the waste register and provide the register to the waste coordinator.
- Presence of waste controller is mandatory inside the yards.
- Assistant Waste Controllers always helps the Waste Controllers to complete their task and most probably the work inside yards. Occasional inspection can be done for the performance of the waste collectors in the field.
- Waste Collectors, they are working in the field collecting the waste and segregating, transferring etc.
- They used to collect the waste from different locations in various blocks.

Oil Spill

Almasila has profound experience in oil spill projects. So, we got some projects in oil spill with oil companies. We have been contracted TOTAL Company to clean all that oil spill from Wadi Bin Ali area and that was 2008. Almasila provided the specialized workers and the qualified supervisors in order to execute that job. There was more than 150 workers from the concession areas. The work continued for more than three months. Heavy equipments and tools such as (water trucks, vacuum trucks, water pumps, boorish & smooth brushes, hand shovels…. etc.) were provided for workers to execute the work. Moreover, we provided all PPE (Coveralls, safety shoes, safety googles, masks, gloves….. etc.) in order to maintain the safety of workers and work without incidents.