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GMC Contract

In December 2013 Almasila has got both Construction Contract and General Maintenance Contract (GMC) for Nexen where our establishment providing various services under that contract such as:
- Construction Activities: concretes for all storage tanks, oil wells, road maintenance, pipeline road cutting, rig platforms and other activities.
- Mechanical Activities: It includes all pipeline works such as, installation of wells, storage tanks fabrication, CPF works and connecting of new oil wells.
- Maintenance Activities: It includes regular maintenance for all wells and oil facilities (Pipeline replacement, sandblasting, electricity maintenance in all facilities and connecting oil wells.

Transportation & Trucking

Almasila owns a fleet of transportation trailers which subjected to regular inspection from third party inspection company biannual. Plus to competence staff holding certificates of various training courses. In that service, we provide a lot of transportation and trucking services for clients. We offer Nexen an internal and external transportation and trucking services. We did internal transportation services for Nexen in Sana’a, Hodeida and Hadramout as well as in- house oil field.

Auto vehicle Maintenance

Almasila has got auto vehicle maintenance contract for all Nexen vehicles, equipments, light vehicles, cars and other vehicles.

Civil Work

Almasila offered Nexen Company all construction activities since we got civil contract where we did different works such as: road maintenance, wells & pipes concretes, fence installation on oil facilities…