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Manpower supply

Almasila Establishment provides all different technician manpower who are skillful, competent and wide range efficient in oil field services. Our manpower are local and foreigners such as welders, electricians, civil engineers, mechanicals, and non-skilled local labors.

Transportation & Trucking Contract

Almasila Establishment is providing Transportation and Trucking service for W.F Company to transfer all equipments from to other companies (TOTAL, Petromasila, DNO, DOVE)in different blocks . We transfer all air drilling generators and other different drilling equipments.

Diesel supply

Almasila Establishment is supplying W.F Company by diesel volumes since W.F started working in Yemen in 2000. We distribute that diesel to all W.F equipments in all locations and blocks especially for air drill generators which need stand by diesel vacuum truck with generators.

Procurement supply

Almasila Establishment provided procurement and supply services to W.F since was established. We supplied W.F all different types of procurement such as catering, vehicles, equipments, fuel, water and accommodation equipments.

Radio Room Project

Almasila Establishment has built a special x-ray room with an international standards which needs highly efficient engineers. All required materials for that project are supplied from a broad and these material are ( pipes, cranes, automatic locks operating by footprint system, making cards to open the room programmed with special system ) all these techniques have been executed by our establishment crew.