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Total E&P Yemen

Logistic Manpower Contract.

Almasila has got the contract in the middle year of 2008. This contract is covering a number of categorize such as: Environment, Warehouse, Logistic, Diesel, Maintenance …etc. This contract includes more than 170 labors. Almasila has successfully provided them all the necessity and primary things like: food & Accommodation, PPE, Social Insurance, Salaries…. We are committed to the contract rules and conditions in order to perform it in a complete way and we established and retained a long term relationship with our clients . Almasila has got many certificates and recommendation letters related to that contract. Based on our considerable experience, we fulfilled the rules and terms of the contract, as a result , our clients extended and awarded that contract to us up today where this costs Almasila to hire qualified staff both in Seyoun head office and in our sites in order to execute this contract in a good manner.

Workshop Maintenance Contract

Our establishment got Workshop Maintenance Contract in 2009. We do regular maintenance for all TOTAL Company cars including checking (Mechanical & Electrical) and spare parts replacement. Also, we have a qualified and experienced team where the workers in maintenance in the workshop from locals and TCN. Almasila has provided all the necessary tools and equipments for the work requirements. Almasila Establishment has warehouses for requested spare parts. Not only this, but also there is a complete set of workshop from modern tools and equipments in order to perform that contract to the fullest.

Chemical Washing Contract.

Almasila Establishment got Chemical Washing Contract in 2012. The scope and domain of this contract is to provide a qualified and specialized staff in this field, where the crew is receiving all the waste chemical materials to clean and destroy it in a scientific way and under the supervision of Environment Department from TOTAL Company. For this work, we use several and different machines and equipments like (Plastic Power Machinery, cleaning equipments….) We provide all PPE for the workers like, chemical protective coveralls, chemical respirator masks, chemical resistant gloves and other necessary things. In order to maintain health and safety for the workers, we arranged their rotation to be 30 days on/ 30 days off. Also, regular medical checkup is implemented for them.

Pipeline Tagging Contract

Almasila got Pipeline Tagging Contract in 2012. The summary of the work is; the crew is doing tagging and signs for all the oil facilities such as (tagging oil tanks, tagging and doing signs for oil pipes, tagging oil movement in the pipes and well tagging) in all sites. This work is done under the supervision of the production department by the client.

Security Guards Contract

Almasila got security guards contract in 2010 and continued up to 2013. Almasila provided the qualified security guards for the client. The security guards worked to protect all the company facilities and also the main gates. Almasila has rehabilitated all the security guards through many training courses such as:

  1. English language courses.
  2. Physical training .
  3. Personal protective course and VIP protection for the clients.
  4. Explosion training course and how to detect it and dealing with.

Almasila provided the suitable surrounding for the security guards like, accommodation, uniform, food, transportation…. In order to perform the service in a professional way.

Oil Spill Project

Almasila got oil spill project when there was overflowing from one pond was full of oil substances mixed with chemical substances due to heavy rains. This overflowing happened from block 10 to valley (Wadi Bin Ali) in Hadramout. Oil spill has spread at distance of the capacity of 10-15 Km in the valley which led to contamination of vast areas of farmland. We have been contracted TOTAL Company to clean all that oil spill from Wadi Bin Ali area and that was 2008. Almasila provided the specialized workers and the qualified supervisors in order to execute that job. There was more than 150 workers from the concession areas. The work continued for more than three months. Heavy equipments and tools such as (water trucks, vacuum trucks, water pumps, boorish & smooth brushes, hand shovels…. etc.) were provided for workers to execute the work. Moreover, we provided all PPE (Coveralls, safety shoes, safety googles, masks, gloves….. etc.) in order to maintain the safety of workers and work without incidents. This work has been done under the direct supervision of specialized company commissioned by TOTAL Company.